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Local #: 250-762-3130
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The TEMPUR® Line

Ducky Down provides the Highest Quality Down Duvets (quilts)
Experience the warmth and comfort...

Special Note: We clean, recover and refill Down Duvets and Pillows
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Ducky Down's Down Quilts are Fabulous!

Europeans have known that the centuries old tradition of sleeping under a quality down quilt is one of life's greatest pleasures, winter or summer. When Indian summer fades into memory and the nights grow long and chilly, bedtime becomes a retreat into a cocoon of warmth; nothing is cozier than a fluffy down quilt that is tucked from foot to chin. Even in temperate weather and climates, down's embrace warms both body and spirit as we sleep.

Surround yourself with Ducky Down quality!

Ducky Down and its associated companies have been in business in Holland since 1920 and in Canada since 1983. Our products are time tested. Ducky Down is a name synonymous with comfort.

We custom make all our Duvets (quilts), pillows and bed linens. We help the customer choose the right bedding for their personal needs. We can create the ultimate comfort for that important part of your life ... your sleep.

You spend almost half of your life at home, and a third of it in bed, so you deserve to surround yourself with Ducky Down quality!

What is Down?
Down is the fluff that grows on the bellies of geese and ducks, helping them to navigate icy waters without losing vital heat. A single unit of down is called a cluster and is 3-dimensional. It has the overall appearance of a ripe dandelion pod. Every ounce of down contains about two million interlocking fibers that trap air, keeping warmth in and cold out.

Down clusters retain their resilience far longer than even the best synthetics, which eventually mat and lump together leaving empty, cold spots, while down continually relofts and molds itself to the body.

What is a feather?
A feather is a flat, two-dimensional construction with a quill shaft. It is heavier than down. Down has more "loft" or fill power than a feather.


Outer Shell
The outer shell is made from 100% finely woven cotton which is guaranteed down proof. Absolutely no feathers or down will penetrate it. That this outer shell is 100% cotton is very important because it allows the down to breathe and that provides comfort and warmth. All of our shells are double stitched and finished with piping.

Quilt Construction
All of our quilts have baffles. A baffle is a wall of fabric sewn inside the quilt that prevents the down from shifting and keeps the top and bottom of the shell from touching and creating a "cold spot". Baffles help achieve full loft and insulating power. We carry the channel and box construction.

Channel Quilt Construction
The channel construction has baffles which run from top to bottom of the quilt. The baffling in one direction insures that the down stays more in place. It is only able to move to the bottom of the quilt. It just needs one shake in the morning to re-shift the down.

Channel Quilt Construction

Box Quilt Construction
The baffled rectangular box construction holds the down in place, preventing shifting.

Box Quilt Construction

Taking care of your quilt
Always encase a down quilt with a cover. As long as a quilt cover is always used, the quilt itself will not require cleaning. Just air your quilt and pillows regularly to circulate the down and remove trapped moisture (we give off about two hundred grams of perspiration at night).

Now-a-days it seems you can buy down quilts just about anywhere, but few places make them the way we do.

But, please compare us to the competition! The only way that you will truly appreciate our value is by putting our products up against all the other retailers of down quilts. Compare us on the factors that really make a difference with down quilts; fabric, construction, quality and amount of fill, price and guarantee. Only with a Ducky Down Down Quilt will you find all these factors at their best.

Sleeping under one of Ducky Down's light-weight Down Quilts is warm and cozy in the winter and cool and comfy in the summer... Ask your grandmother. She knows!

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